Friday, April 11, 2014

Defining Therapeutic Grade

Therapeutic Grade.
It's something that is lightly thrown around on the essential oil market today. You see it slapped onto many essential oil brands and it is natural for us to think that we are getting a quality product. But this is not the case, unfortunately. Any company can use the term "therapeutic grade," but only Young Living can boast in the term Young Living Therapeutic Grade and actually provide us a clear and thorough definition into what it actually means, as well as a standard by which to live. The graphic on this by Dolf Cheng is a great summary for what YL means by Therapeutic Grade, but let's go a little deeper.

Although therapeutic grade is not a term regulated by any independent group, this term is not an indication of purity for 90% of the oils found on the market today, which are manufactured by brokers and, most often, contain additives, synthetics, and chemicals. Young Living, in their commitment to quality, go beyond mere organic practices and industry standards. Nor do they obtain their essential oils from brokers. In fact, they create their essential oils, from seed to seal. In addition, their requirements are more strict than the unimpressive FDA regulations for certified organic. One example of YL standards being higher than organic is that organic only requires that land have not had fertilizers on it for 3 years. Gary Young searches for land that has never had fertilizers on it! He obtained land in Coeur d'Alene, ID which did not have any record of having had chemicals on it since the 1880's. It was and still is virgin land. They ensure, every step of the way, that the product they are creating is absolutely, unquestionably pure and contain the highest concentration of therapeutic components. Their standards give us the most potent essential oils around because of their Seed to Seal process. The Seed to Seal standard is crucial because Young Living created it and they live by it with consistency and integrity.  If you take the time to research every other brand and company of essential oil, you will not find that they can boast of these same standards for the production of their oils.

Recently, I ran across this image on Pinterest.

  According to the definition below, we could say the same for fresh food like fruits and vegetables and wheat and anything else that is grown. We could say, "Nutritious is a marketing term which has no actual certification value. The fact is ALL FRESH GROWN FOODS are, by definition, Nutritious." We could even replace the word Nutritious with Organic or whatever word we choose to convey the quality and purity of it.
  However, only in theory is it true that all essential oils are, by definition, therapeutic. But in the real world, this does not hold weight because of the the fact that the land, seeds, and plants from which essential oils are made are called into question. Chemicals, toxins, GMOs. These are all factors that play into whether or not we are receiving a pure product. Not to mention, maintaining purity during the distilling and testing process when handled in factories and labs.

So, yes, "therapeutic grade" is a marketing term which, in and of itself, holds no value. But as I stated in the beginning of my post, Young Living has their own standard, definition, and lifestyle for it, which gives "therapeutic grade" a true and living meaning for their brand of essential oils. Just as we desire outstanding quality and nutrition in our food, so we also should desire the same in our medicine.

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My passion is not to bash other essential oil brands or company. My passion is to uphold Young Living Essential Oils and share them because of how much they have changed my life. Because of their standards, I can stand by them and their practices and not feel ashamed about these oils that I promote. By nature, I am a Perfectionist. So, it thrills the perfectionist in me that Young Living takes steps beyond what is satisfactory to give me a product that is the best!

Top Reasons Why I Trust Young Living Essential Oils

[1] Young Living owns their own farms and grows their own plants. They have 9 farms on 5 different continents and 14 partners in wild crafting world wide.

[2] Anyone can visit their farms and take part in the harvest/distillation process. This is key. Their honesty, transparency, and vulnerability to open themselves to the public is quite impressive!

[3] The Seed to Seal Gaurantee. This is everything

[4] Young Living has 20+ years of experience and research!

[5] Young Living has the greatest selection and blends of essential oils.

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