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  Become a wholesale customer to order essential oils is quick and easy and gives you 24% discount on hundreds of products!

 Just like any wholesale buying club, there is a fee to join (think Costco, Sam’s Club etc.). The difference here is that you don’t just pay a fee and start shopping – you get all sorts of goodies with your fee! And, unlike Costco or Sam’s, there is NO yearly fee; as long as you spend at least $50.00 during the year in essential oils, you’ll maintain your wholesale status.

 As of this past year, Young Living made their starter kits better than ever! If you would rather just purchase them retail without the 24% off, that is easy and it does not require you to become a member at all. You simply select the Retail option. For wholesale customers, the cheapest starter kits range from $40 to $75, but to get the most out of your initial investment, I highly encourage the Premium Starter Kit, which includes a large variety of essential oils for you to begin utilizing right away.

What You'll Get in the Premium Starter Kit [$150]

The Home Diffuser

The Everyday Oils Kit which includes 5ml bottles of 10 essential oils blends/singles [Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Purification, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Thieves, Joy, Stress Away, Frankincense].

 5ml Citrus Fresh blend

1 Aroma Glide Roller Fitment for easy application of oils + 10 easy to use and carry samples of 5 different oils to share with friends and family.

2 packs of Ningxia Red immune boosting drinks

Plus, a ton of information guides and packets to get started with these oils!

 And, in effort to keep you well informed of essential oils usage [on any given topic], I will also invite you to a private Facebook group to be part of a community of families sharing and discussing on oils. I believe in keeping my team educated and near immediate resources to learn how to incorporate these essential oils in their lives.

This Premium Starter Kit is really the best bang for your buck. If you’re serious about essential oils you need to have enough oils and blends to experiment with!
Here’s the simplest way to sign up as a wholesale customer:.
  1. Click HERE
  2. Select the “Wholesale Member” type (Retail Customer will not give you the 24% discount on products).
  3. Enter my member number: 1288199 into both the Sponsor and Enroller lines.
  4. Choose the “Start Living” kit of your choice (Again, I recommend the Premium Starter Kit to get the most product from your first purchase!). After choosing your kit, you will see a space for the Essential Rewards kits. These are optional; it is your choice whether or not you want go ahead and enroll in the ER program a (monthly auto-ship program where you earn back free points for products).
  5. Once you’ve completed this process you will be given your own member number, which will allow you to start shopping with wholesale prices immediately. At this point, I recommend that you sign up for Essential Rewards so that you can earn FREE oils! However, this is optional and not required to become a wholesale customer.
The Everyday Oil Start up kit is the perfect way to start your own natural home pharmacy. It contains some of the most popular and most beneficial oils for body, mind and emotions. You certainly will not regret this purchase for your home medicine cabinet!

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