Shared by Stacy McDonald, my upline.

Tourette’s Syndrome
“I tried the Vetiver for a tic that was bothering my son. I massaged it behind his ears and the tic stopped. I am not sure if you are familiar with Tourette’s, but this is amazing!! He still has his pesky regular ones, but the major annoying body jerking, and the fake hiccup tic that was making him become very upset, was instantly gone within a few seconds of this oil.
“I now want to know everything possible about essential oils!! I have signed up to be a distributor because as soon as I become knowledgeable enough to help my own family, I cannot wait to help others. This is truly a gift from God.
“I am so excited to have been introduced to the essential oils as an alternative. I cannot thank you enough for suggesting Vetiver for my son. I never would have imagined something so simple could have helped, and without side effects, FINALLY! Thank you.” – Amanda B.

ADD/ADHD and Essential Oils
“Our son struggles with ADHD and I’m always on the lookout for ways to help him. My husband and I decided to begin our essential oil adventure with the Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit from Young Living and plan to add oils to our natural medicine cabinet as we are able. To our delight we found that a combination of three of the oils in the kit has eliminated the need for his afternoon dose of medication! We use a drop of lavender on his chest, a drop of Valor on the inside of each wrist, and a drop of Peace and Calming on the bottom of each foot. ANOTHER bonus we have discovered is this same combination helps our sleep-fighting-three-year-old settle down at nap time and in the evening and eases her into sleep.” – Lori
One mom helps her son who has Crohn’s and Osteoarthritis
“My son finally got his back brace! And, he is getting a new walker to start building the muscles to be able to walk without crutches or be on a wheelchair.
I want to tell you our experience with the oils. Excellent! We love them! I’ve been using PanAway with Frankincense to ease the pain and inflammation. My son’s knees are very bad when it rains or snows, so I rub the Frankincense first, then PanAway. I wrap it with an elastic bandage over night, and he doesn’t get up in the middle of the night complaining of pain. Praise God!
I rub some peppermint on his stomach as well to help with his bathroom visits, I haven’t heard him wake up during the night for that. Before we all go to bed, we rub the Peace & calming, we pray, and we sleep like babies. I haven’t slept well in a long time, but now my sleep is so much more peaceful. Thank you Stacy for your help, and may the Lord keep blessing you and your family. – Laura
Essential Oils Convince Skeptical Husband!
So far we have used Lavender, Thieves, and Peppermint. The peppermint sold us! Our six year old caught that nasty flu bug that’s been going around. He had a temp of nearly 104 so I put a couple of drops of peppermint oil on the bottom of both of his feet and a drop on his chest. I was a little nervous because he has had a fever spike in the past and gone into a Febrile Seizure.  We always keep children Tylenol on hand for that reason and would dose him with it whenever he got even a low grade fever.
So I prayed while applying the oil and I was amazed with the results! Within ten minutes his legs began cooling and in twenty-five minutes I took his temp again and it was down to 102.3!! I kept applying the peppermint every 2-3 hours and by bed time his temp was down to 99.2 and by morning his fever was completely gone! My husband’s response was …this is only one time so *maybe* it was the oils. We got to test peppermint again yesterday when our eight year old caught the bug and had a low grade fever. I prayed and applied the oil as I had previously and his fever didn’t get higher and a couple of hours before bed the fever was gone!
I think hubby is starting to become a believer now. I also gave him thieves for his throat and since we don’t have our diffuser yet used the Thieves spray you sent us all over the house. This morning our son is a little weak , but well!
Our eight year old is like his mama…has a hard time getting to sleep at night. He *loves* lavender and it works really well for him… within 5-10 minutes after getting into bed he’s sound asleep! – Judy in California
Immediate Results!
We’ve had our oils for about 24 hours, now, and we’re already reaping their benefits! Besides smelling WONDERFUL, we’ve discovered a combination to help our sleep-fighting 3-year-old relax and fall asleep. We’ve also seen a reduction in our son’s “elevated afternoons” due to ADHD symptoms. Our 16-year-old daughter says she’s hooked! Thank you for sharing these oils with us! – Lori in Ohio
Lavender and Geranium – a MUST for the First Aid Cabinet
I had a collision with my son recently and my hand was cut pretty badly. I was coming out of the dining room holding a mason jar and a coffee cup. My 15 yo was running around the corner and slammed into me (yes, he was running in the house and I think he has finally learned his lesson). The cup in one hand smashed into the mason jar in my other hand and the broken glass was shoved into the palm of my hand.
I used geranium to stop the bleeding. I continued throughout the day using lavender to heal the cut and minimize the bruising. By the next day, I was able to remove the bandage – the bruising was completely gone, and the cut was sealed and already much smaller.
In addition, I had trouble removing the glue from the tape I used to secure the gauze pad on my hand. So I rubbed a little lavender oil over the stuck-on glue and it came right off!
- A mom in Illinois
From a brand new distributor…
I had read that lavender oil has healing properties for the skin and my 7 year old boy has had some red dry scaly patchy skin on his hands that he had picked and made worse.  It’s wintertime in Colorado and this “Colorado-itis” can come and go with the extreme weather and very dry air.  So, I had tried cortisone on it for two nights in  row, but surprisingly saw little improvement.  After I got the lavender oil in the mail, I thought, what the heck, and I applied that directly to skin for two nights and it was almost completely healed after the second night!
Right after I had a chance to go through the catalog, my best girlfriend called me regarding a tooth that she had pulled and we were talking about what to do if a dry socket develops.  I had told her that my dentist years ago had packed a cotton ball soaked in clove oil into the gum area when I developed a dry socket after my wisdom tooth was pulled.  I remember that the pain was almost instant gone with that cotton ball of clove oil.  So, out of this natural conversation, she ordered a clove oil to keep on hand at her house!  Neat-O.
- Mindy in Colorado
Lavender and Peppermint…
I got my starter kit from Young Living on Saturday, and I love it. It had wonderful timing too. I had had a headache for over a week, and almost living on Tylenol (I’m an herb girl, so that I actually went to buy Tylenol tells you how badly my head hurt). So, after skimming all the literature that came with my kit (it’s hard to read when your head hurts that bad) I diluted a couple drops of peppermint oil in some olive oil, rubbed it on my temples, forehead and the back of my neck, put a couple drops of lavender on my pillow, and went to bed. Sunday morning was wonderful, my headache was completely gone, and I felt the more refreshed than I have since my 4 month old son was born. So, I’m now really excited about these oils. :)
- Kara in New Mexico
Strained Muscles
How fun to share how my husband and I have benefited from the oils in such a short time (a month). I fell and severely strained the muscles and tendons in my foot; I took a friend’s advice and used Lemongrass and Peppermint on it and in just 3 weeks (half of the expected healing time) it is nearly normal again — it helped with the swelling and the pain. My husband had a bad ‘pain in the neck’ so I mixed the PanAway and Peppermint from my Everday Oils pack and within a short time, the muscle is back to normal — pain totally gone. I’m SOLD!!! – Pat
Soak Away the Stiffness
I have not tried any of the roll on essential oils but am looking forward to getting familiar with them and their uses. I was a little stiff from all the sitting over the weekend at a conference and driving, so I took Pain Away and some Epsom salts and truly soaked away the stiffness. – Marci Ferrell
Battling Dog Odor
We are loving the many ways to use our new essential oils! One of our favorites is to put some drops on a cotton ball and run the vacuum cleaner over it. My diffuser arrived and it has been wonderful at keeping indoor dog odor in check using Purification. Also, rubbing Lavender on the back of my neck before bed is so relaxing and comforting. Thank you!!! – Susan Cook
Headaches and Emotional Upset
I used my Deep Relief just yesterday for a headache from crying after seeing one of my cats being killed by a neighbor’s dog. Then I had to take her kittens (less than a week old) to the animal shelter so that they could take of them. The oil did finally help with the headache. – Rose Burke
Biology/Chemistry Student Loves her Oils!
I have been using Peace and Calming on my children every night at bedtime. I rub a drop into each shoulder and on the bottoms of their feet. They love it! We ran out of Peace and Calming and have been using Lavender. I don’t know which works better for relaxation, they both seem to.
One of my daughters as had a large wart on the bottom of her foot for years, in the last year she had more appear around her toes on the same foot. We have been putting Frankincense on it every night at bedtime. A drop on each wart and rubbing it in. We are on the third week of this routine. The large old wart has shrunk and last night a piece of it came out. The other warts have also shrunk and are harder/drier than they were.
 I am taking two online college courses in biology and chemistry. The chemistry was scary for me. I have never had a chemistry class. A lot of days, my only study time is in the afternoon when I’m feeling sleepy. My brain is naturally sharpest in the early morning. One day I was especially sleepy and I needed to study for a quiz; not take a nap. I inhaled the Valor and rubbed it on my temples and behind my neck. My brain immediately woke up and I was able to focus. It worked so well that I do that every time I need to study. I work on “my schoolwork” while my children are doing their schoolwork. When they run into something tough or are feeling sluggish they come to me for Valor. It’s amazing. It’s also made studying chemistry more relevant. I’ve also been reading a book called Healing Oils of the Bible and the chemistry in the book has made studying the chemistry text book more interesting. God’s world is AMAZING! – Kim
 Homeschooling Help!
The oils are wonderful. My daughter enjoys inhaling “Valor” while she is working on her homeschool tasks (LOL!).
 She also serves as our family’s “lavender lady” each night. She sweetly dispensing a drop in our palm that we use on our temples (head!) and n our pillows. I am fully convinced we are all sleeping better each night from the oil’s calming and soothing effects.
 We are grateful for the positive effects the oils have already had in our home.
 Now….if that diffuser would hurry up and arrive! :=) – Robyn
 Better than Coffee!
I’ve been working long hours at the computer and quickly get drowsy. I’ve found peppermint oil to be a lifesaver! I either open the bottle and breathe deeply, put a drop on my tongue, or use my diffuser. – Elizabeth Daming
 Mommy of Little Ones Loves Essential Oils!
Where to start?? I’ve only been using my YL Essential Oils for a month or two. I not only regularly diffuse in our home, but every night after bath my two little boys receive a Lavender rubdown! :)I have also loved the Gentle Baby oil. I am expecting in June, and use it nightly on my abdomen. – Kristen Cornelius
Peppermint Turns Baby!
“I just wanted to tell you about what happened today at my visit with the midwife. All week, the baby had been been moving a lot, and it was almost painful because of how low it was. The midwife said that the baby was laying sideways, with hands and feet towards my cervix. I had brought my oils because she was interested in them last time I told her about them.
“I remembered about the peppermint turning a breech baby, so she said I ought to just try it and see what happened. I applied the oil as described in your post, then we talked for a few minutes. She went back to check the heart rate and measure me, and she said that the baby was head down. She was amazed. I was relieved, because the painful kicking on my cervix had stopped! I have enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening without feeling like my water was going to break. I am very excited to know this works, in case we have a problem in the future!” – Brooke G.

 Headache Help
I have been enjoying using the peppermint for headaches and other aches! I also use the Thieves in water and am hoping that it will turn around all of the sickness that we’ve had this year! – Kim
Loving Lavender
I have not tried all of my everyday oils yet, but I know I cannot live without lavender.
I mix it with my daughter’s moisturizer and rub it into her skin to ease her eczema itchiness. I have used it countless times for scrapes and cuts with the children, and of course for relaxation it is marvelous!
Peace and Calming along with lavender rubbed onto the feet before bed…ahhh! sweet rest!
I am enjoying this journey into natural healing for myself and my family. – Ellen
Amazing Peppermint!
 I have suffered from severe headaches (migraines) for some 15 years because of neck problems. I can take two Tylenol and it will not even touch it. I felt one coming on, reached for the peppermint oil. I put one drop on my finger…placed it on my temples and the back of my neck. Within five minutes my headache was gone! I was totally sold after that. Thank you again introducing me to these products. – Jackie Fowler
I like using peppermint to sooth my stomach. I just received the oils last night (they arrived earlier, but I was out of town). I am looking forward to learning new ways to use the different oils. I am especially looking forward to using the Thieves to help combat a sickness that is going around here. Misty Marr
Dr. Solomon to the Rescue!
We are having a blast learning ways to use the oils. My son had a little red spot on his face and we had been putting different ointments on it and nothing was getting rid of it. Now we have been putting Lavender oil on it and it has been healing right up. My son has been helping me put Pan Away on my sore shoulder and my ankle because I fell recently and it helps a lot with the soreness. He loves that he can help and we have been having fun calling him Dr. Solomon. – Ann Solomon
Loving Her New Oils
I’m not sure you have enough room for me to write all of the ways I have used my new oils. I love them. For starters I came down with the flu. I discovered that rubbing peppermint oil on my feet would help bring down my fever and help with breathing!
My daughters and I suffer from chronic Lyme disease. Pan Away has been amazing to help with the chronic pain that we have. Lavender rubbed behind the ears helps with relaxation and get a peaceful nights rest.
M y 10 yo suffers from anxiety and fear with her Lyme and so I have been using Peace and Calming to give her a sense of calm. I drop several drops of lemon oil into my water throughout the day to help detox from the Lyme die-off.
I diffused the Thieves to kill the airborne bacteria from the flu and so far only 3 out of 6 of us have gotten the flu. I also put some of the Thieves into a spray bottle with water to wash down surfaces.
My husband is going to try Valor during his busy time at work when he’s traveling and giving presentations. My family and I are experimenting with the many ways to use these wonderful oils.
I have never smelled a more wonderful Lavender than this and the fact that these are so pure you can ingest some of them gives me an even greater confidence to use them. Thank you so much for this gift and for sharing the many ways we can use them. My next step is to share with family and friends. – Tricia Soderstrom
Mouth Infection
I’ve had a mouth infection that seems to keep getting worse every time I go to the dentist. I’ve been using Thieves on it every night, and it is almost gone. I knew from herbal remedies that cinnamon should help it. But the Thieves seems to have worked much fast than using cinnamon normally does.
Also, there is a cold going around, both of my children have had it. Since my son is only 5 months old, I mostly had to let it run its course with him. However, I used a potpourri burner (haven’t gotten a good diffuser yet) and mixed the lavender EO and olive oil at night and that seemed to help him breathe at least a little better.

Healed Horse’s Wound
Our friend has a horse which had run into a fence post. Long story-short, she had fractured her forehead, and after the dying bone fragments had been cleared away, there was a 2 inch in diameter hole in the middle of her head which was getting infected. She also had radiating fractures going out from the initial impact, and out over her eyes. There was also a crusty, wet, and slimy discharge.
It was vital that the skin grow quickly, to cover the gap to her sinuses. When I saw her, the hole was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and our friends were treating it with antibiotics, and ozonated water, but the healing process was slow.
After giving our friends a bottle of Young Living’s Lavender Oil, we would apply it twice daily around the sides, and inside the hole, in addition to the treatment that had already been in effect. The mare would jerk her head upwards, and hated for the ozonated water to be put on her, but as soon as I would open the bottle of Lavender Oil, the soothing aroma would calm her quickly, and she would be still for me to apply it to the wound.
In just a couple days, there was a noticeable decrease in the once massive amount of slimy discharge, and the skin seemed to grow faster to close the gap. After about 2 weeks, the hole is almost closed, and it is looking like the horse will make a wonderful recovery.
Josiah in Illinois

So Many Uses!
Lavender: It is difficult to choose which oil is my favorite, as I use several on a daily basis. I love lavender….I use it to ease the discomfort of eczema for my daughter and my husband loves it for easing tension headaches. In addition, it has come to the rescue many times to disinfect cuts and scrapes.
Lemon: I also rely on lemon oil,  as I use it mixed with jojoba oil to polish furniture. I also use it on my legs (also with jojoba) where I have some problem with my veins. I add a couple of drops to a simple mixture of 10x sugar, which is delicious in tea!
I recently signed up for essential rewards and I’m look forward trying my thieves cleaner. Thieves oil smells so fresh and my whole family rubs a couple of drops onto the soles of our feet every night to help ward of sniffles and sneezes.
Ellen in MD

Turning a Posterior Baby
Your post about essential oils for childbirth was such a blessing to find! I just had baby number 9 last night and it was my very first baby to not be born posterior! Toward the end of labor, we used the peppermint oil and baby turned and came out anterior! So excited to try some of the other suggestions with this new little one! Thanks for posting all of it!
Aimee in Colorado

I CAN VOUCH THAT IT WORKS!! That and a lot of loving prayer! My daughter Anna just had severe pneumonia and then bronchitis and drs said it would take AT LEAST 3 weeks to start fading, but this is only two weeks into it and she has been fine ALL week! Stacy and her husband drove 2 hrs to bring me the RC and within hours we noticed a huge change! She is well and I am so happy we get to go worship tomorrow! I look forward to more oils!*
Ashley in Illinois
*The first day, Ashley applied RC to Anna’s feet and diffused Raven into the air. The next day, she switched off. She did this for a few days, periodically, and then switched to diffusing Thieves and using RC as needed. She also took Anna off of all dairy products and gave her nutritious homemade chicken broth, as well as lots of fluids!
PanAway for Stiff Neck and Headaches
I am LOVING my oils.  I signed up for the Essential Rewards and ordered Geranium, Gentle Baby, and more Lavender.  Next month Pan Away will be on my list.  Malachi came home with a sore/stiff neck and I used it on his neck and within in about 20 minutes or so he said his neck was all better!  I woke up with a nasty sinus headache this morning and used the Pan Away along my hairline, temples, center of my forehead and back of my neck and it is really helping.  I can’t say it enough times, but “thank you” for helping me get started and for sharing all of the information on the Young Living oils – I love them!
Crystal in Louisiana

Migraine Relief
I had to write to tell you all about my personal success story today!  In the past I have had spotty vision at times.  It will last a couple of hours, then I feel super tired.  I had never figured out the cause since I had no pain and it didn’t seem to be tied to blood sugar.  But this happened at the end of November and it was followed by a mild headache.  This got me looking into aura’s, and then specifically, silent migraines.
I can hear some of you right now with no sympathy :-)  No, these didn’t come with the extreme pain of a migraine, nor did they put me in bed for days.  But this particular one put me pretty useless for the rest of the day.
The week after that I started taking Progessence Plus Serum, which has stabilized my emotions and made me headache free ever since!  I love not having to take pain killers, especially while pregnant!  However, today, while driving, I started having spotty vision again.  I nearly panicked knowing that I still needed to drive home.  Since I had determined that these were most likely in the migraine family, and many things I had read told me to treat it as a migraine, I did the only thing I knew to do.  I reached for the peppermint.  I put it on my temples and the back of my neck.  I didn’t notice any improvement for about 10 minutes.  But then I looked up and noticed that I could see perfectly!  I was shocked since the vision problems NEVER go away that quickly.  So I was able to drive home and go to the grocery store!  I did feel a headache at a few different times so I simply reapplied the peppermint.  That was about 5 hours ago and I have been feeling great this evening!
One thing I learned recently is that it isn’t about how much you apply at one time, but the frequency.  So if something doesn’t work right away, you might try reapplying after about 20 minutes.
Kim in Colorado

Calming Kiddos
I gave a friend of mine some Peace & Calming (Essential Oil blend from Young Living) for her family. She was putting some on my 4 year old neice’s feet one evening and my neice said: “It makes me feel like I don’t want to talk so much” :) Thank you for introducing me to Young Living! I gave my friend Amy some Raven and she noticed a difference right away in her breathing!
Ashley in Ohio

Burned Fingers
Just a few weeks ago I had a horrible burn on the pads of two of my fingers. It hurt terribly. Instantly they were white and started to blister. I thought I was going to go through a very long and painful process of healing. This happened right before church. So, I immediately put lavender on (and ice). I reapplied lavender about every 10 minutes. Throughout the church service whenever it would begin hurting again I’d apply it again. Throughout the day I applied it many times. I applied lavender probably for the next 2 days, but only a few times throughout those days. My fingers were completely healed and pink in four days. You’d never know anything had happened to them! It truly was amazing. My son who is a paramedic was very impressed.
Maggie in Illinois

One mom helps her son who has Crohn’s and Osteoarthritis:
“My son finally got his back brace! And, he is getting a new walker to start building the muscles to be able to walk without crutches or be on a wheelchair.
I want to tell you our experience with the oils. Excellent! We love them! I’ve been using PanAway with Frankincense to ease the pain and inflammation. My son’s knees are very bad when it rains or snows, so I rub the Frankincense first, then PanAway. I wrap it with an elastic bandage over night, and he doesn’t get up in the middle of the night complaining of pain. Praise God!
I rub some peppermint on his stomach as well to help with his bathroom visits, I haven’t heard him wake up during the night for that. Before we all go to bed, we rub the Peace & calming, we pray, and we sleep like babies. I haven’t slept well in a long time, but now my sleep is so much more peaceful. Thank you Stacy for your help, and may the Lord keep blessing you and your family.
Laura in New York

Bumps and Bruises
This evening, Ezekiel fell against the front door and hit his head really hard, I believe specifically partly against the jut in the moulding. It immediately started to look just terrible – a huge goose egg, a big, nasty, discolored bruise forming, including a harsh dark purple mark showing the indentation of the moulding jut. I didn’t think to do it until 30 minutes later, but I applied a few drops of Young Living Geranium Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil to the area.
Ya’ll, I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking before and after pictures, because if I wouldn’t have seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. The bruise, goose egg AND the indentation all started disappearing. (Whereas, if you’re familiar with bruises, they usually just get grosser.) It just kept getting better and better, the more time that passed.
One application and the indentation is completely GONE (including the deep purple color), the swelling is way down, and the overall bruise area shrunk by at least 75%, and the intensity/color of the bruising is down at least 75%, as well. Amazing. I put some more on there before he went down for tonight – can’t wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.
Dena in Kansas

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