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Why essential oil diffusers should be a staple in every home...

 Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser & TheraPro Premium Diffuser

Diffusing oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors, rather than just masking them. They also increase oxygen availability, produce negative ions, and release natural ozone. Many essential oils such as lemongrass, orange grapefruit, melaleuca (alternifolia - tea tree), eucalyptus ( E. globolus), lavender, frankincense, and lemon, along with essential oil blends (Purification, Melrose, and Thieves), are extremely effective for eliminating and destroying airborne germs and bacteria.
 A cold-air diffuser is designed to atomize a micro-fine mist of essential oils into the air, where they can remain suspended for several hours. Unlike aroma lamps or candles, a diffuser disperses essential oils without heating or burning, which can render the oil therapeutically less beneficial and even create toxic compounds. Research shows that cold-air diffusing certain oils may:

 ~ Reduce bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors
~ Relax the body, relieve tension, and clear the mind
~ Help with weight management
~ Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity
~ Stimulate neurotransmitters
~ Stimulate secretion of endorphins
~ Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity
~ Improve the secretion of IgA antibodies that fight candida
~ Improve digestive function
~ Improve hormonal balance
~ Relieve headaches
 (Pg 35, Essential Oils Pocket Reference)

 University researchers in Japan found that diffusing certain aromas in an office environment dramatically improved mental accuracy and concentration. Diffused lemon resulted in 54 percent fewer errors, jasmine 33 percent fewer errors, and lavender 20 percent fewer errors. When aromas were diffused during test taking, scores increased by as much as 50 percent.
(pg 78, Essential Oils Pocket Reference)

Research by Jean Valnet, MD, showed that vaporized lemon oil can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours, and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Even a 0.2% solution of lemon oil can kill diphtheria bacteria in 20 minutes and inactivate tuberculosis bacteria. 
(Pg. 79,  Essential Oils Pocket Reference)

 Diffusing is one of my favorite things. I would love to leave my diffusers running all day long because they are so pleasant and relaxing. Also, I love the satisfaction in knowing that what I'm putting into the air is pure and healthy. While I love burning candles, I quickly gave that up when I found out about their synthetic ingredients. The same for all types of air sprays that are filled with harsh chemicals! For those who suffer with asthma and respiratory problems, diffusing essential oils is the best and most healing route. I have become more committed to diffusing in every area of the home the more that I have learned about synthetic ingredients and chemicals in home/air products today. It's always lovely to step into a room with a diffuser that is running and the mist spilling out. It is naturally relaxing. Some of my favorite oils to diffuse from YL are Wintergreen, Lavender, Citrus Fresh, & Thieves. 

 One of the most rewarding benefits of becoming a member of Young Living is that the Home Diffuser is now offered in the enrollment kits! So, you can begin your own journey savoring the benefits of diffusing essential oils when becoming a wholesale customer.

When I first became a member, I decided to invest in their most expensive diffuser - The Aria Ultrasonic. It was worth every penny! A year later, I am still enjoying it (and I even named it - Kirby - because every inanimate object needs a personality and a name! ha!) and I have used it at many social gatherings and parties. And, it has been highly benefical for my family during the harsh flu/cold season that hit this past winter. Thieves, Wintergreen, and R.C. were constantly in use! Recently, I purchased the Home Diffuser for more practical, everyday use and it has certainly been a favorite of my husband's since we got married this past February. 

 Below, I have listed pictures and information of the Young Living diffusers available for purchase. 

 I want to others to experience the joy and wellness that I and my loved ones have received from investing in these products. I truly believe every home should have one or two of these diffusers around, especially for those with children, pets, elderly, or those struggling with respiratory issues and allergies.
 If you are interested in learning more about any of these products from Young Living please e-mail with your questions and thoughts at I want to help and be there for you in any way that I am able to! 

Erica Rhodes
Sponser/Enroller # 1288199
Begin your journey to health, wholeness, and wellness here.

 Home Diffuser
Young Living's newly designed Home Diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely release essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere.
Fill well with distilled or purified water and add 8-12 drops of the desired oil and turn on diffuser. See instruction booklet for complete usage details. Diffuser comes with with two 5-ml essential oils.
                                                         Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser
This diffuser combines the latest in ultrasonic technology with useful features such as a remote control, music capabilities, soothing built-in-sounds, and LED lights. Inside the Aria is a small ultrasonic plate that vibrates over a million times per second, vaporizing the water and oil to disperse into the air.
Fill well with distilled water and add 15-20 drops of the desired oil. See instruction booklet for complete usage details. Diffuser comes with with two 5-ml essential oils.

 Travel Fan Diffuser
This diffuser is a simple way to diffuse therapeutic-grade essential oils when you are on the go. This small, portable diffuser blows cool air through an oil pad to release the therapeutic benefits. It can run on batteries or be plugged in.
How to Use: Place 15-20 drops of essential oil on inserted oil pad; plug in or insert batteries. See instruction booklet for complete usage details. Diffuser comes with 5-ml 

 TheraPro Premium Diffuser
The most advanced diffuser technology, the TheraPro nebulizes essential oils and disperses them into the air in an ultrafine mist for concentrated therapy.
Attach 15-ml essential oil bottle to housing and select desired setting. See instruction booklet for complete usage details. Diffuser comes with 15-ml Thieves essential oil blend.
Essential Oil Diffuser ~ Comes in Bronze, Green, and Silver.
The Essential Oil Diffuser release large amounts of oil into the air as a microfine vapor. The oils are diffused without being heated to retain their maximum potency.
Note: Some essential oils should not be diffused in the Essential Oil Diffuser due to their thickness.
How to Use: Pour 15-20 drops of oil directly into the well and turn the knob on the flow control valve. See instruction booklet for complete usage details. 


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